Golden (pants), 2007-03-10

The jury, top row from left: Cathrin Brandes, Kathe Kaczmarzyk, Malin Elmlid, Kathrin Engelen, bottom row: Ursula Heinzelmann, Florian Duijsens, Anna Küfner, Mary Scherpe

Mette, 20, student & Nova, 19, student – from Denmark

Dominique, 29, working at American Apparel

Line, financial consultant & Camilla, owner of a sushi restaurant in Copenhagen


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  1. Candid Cool on


    the 2nd guy is quite cool

  2. Anonymous on


    shoes id please!!!

  3. Anonymous on


    where can I get these black/white oxfords?info pleaaase!

  4. Arsh on


    golden is so hot right now. We had Matthew Williamson show at Dublin Fashion Week and his spring/summer collection had golden shorts. very cool!

  5. fred on


    (very cool shoes) Yeah i guess summer is going to be neon and gold.

  6. Miss V. on


    That Dominique is very cool.

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