Opening "Catwalk takes to the Streets" (Part II), 2007-20-04

The jury, top row from left: Cathrin Brandes, Kathe Kaczmarzyk, Malin Elmlid, Kathrin Engelen, bottom row: Ursula Heinzelmann, Florian Duijsens, Anna Küfner, Mary Scherpe

Editorial shot (up)
Commercial shot (down)

Marcello, 030

Magda, Radio Fritz

Carl, June and Jack

That’s all folks. Thank’s everyone for making this a fabulous night.


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  1. Frapp on


    Love Magda’s outfit!

  2. Candid Cool on


    I envy the 1st’s trench coat and his editorial worthy posing.

  3. Anonymous on


    it really was!

  4. Anonymous on


    so good!!

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