Fashion Pol…Army!

Love it or hate it. For some it seems like she opened her closet and grabbed anything within reach, others appreciate this ensemble. We like it and think it’s splendiferous. Check the peppermint shoes.

Malin, 18, artist
Guess what: another scandinavian in Berlin. To be precise she is from Sweden. We noticed a lot of scandinavian people in Berlin. But you don’t hear us complaining. :D


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  1. Anonymous on


    the military jacket is very uptodate!

  2. The Urban Flaneur on


    She’s really stylish! I’m crazy about hats and that one is really nice. But the jacket and shirt are beautiful. D&G campaign shows military jacket like this as well.
    Liebe Grüsse

  3. jullie on


    Nice hat!!!

    kiss kiss

  4. Anonymous on


    Great style and look she has….Beautiful girl.

  5. Tina on


    All the a/w 09 trends in a look! Great!

    Kiss from Kill the Heel

  6. Mette on


    sooooo cool!

  7. Ediot on


    liebe liebe. its a great look!

  8. Alahop on


    I love the hat too. I’m looking like this for a while? Any suggestions?

    Kiss from Ala

  9. Mimi on


    Was mir besonders gefällt ist der Mix von PumpHose und Melone ( Hut)

  10. Conny on


    großartige hose!!

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