Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes, 2007-06-26

The jury, top row from left: Cathrin Brandes, Kathe Kaczmarzyk, Malin Elmlid, Kathrin Engelen, bottom row: Ursula Heinzelmann, Florian Duijsens, Anna Küfner, Mary Scherpe

Pale Blue Eyes, owned by this two gentlemen, is a small shop in Berlin specialized in Swedish fashion. Brands include Cheap Monday, Nudie, Julian Red, Bobbie burns, Resteröds, 2K By Gingham, A Bug Collection, Dr Denim…and more – Kastanienallee 50/51 10119 Berlin.


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  1. bee on


    i love your blog, it’s my favorite street style blog!!! i’ve always wanted to come to berlin and your blog makes me even more eager to come!
    keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Casey on


    one of my favorite songs!

  3. Candid Cool on


    These 2 are absolute gems!

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