Sans Femme. Berlin in June.

The Virtuous One, Photo: Rebecca Crawford

Three only-men posts in a row is kind of unusual for us, since it’s more difficult to find good dressed men, at least that’s our experience. But it’s not like we don’t try it!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see our 100. post!

Thomas, 23 & Martin, 24, from the Netherlands

Lars, 24, student (medicine)


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  1. Armando on


    are they Dutch ????…they do look so fashionable…
    do you have a contact-address or e-mail; we have to reach them…….we need 2… so Undutchlike !!!

    greetzzz, us 2
    Armando Branco & Joor
    miss u 2 !!!

  2. Anonymous on


    I recognised the guy on the left (Thomas), he works at the Episode store in Amsterdam’s canal district:


  3. Candid Cool on


    The 1st guy on the left, is incredibly handsome, I esp. like his “Clark Kent” glasses.

    Also liking the trench coat & his glasses are pretty interesting too. (And interesting grafitti too)

  4. Fashion Lolita on


    2# i love those eyeglasses ! (and him xD )

  5. Cassinna on



  6. paula on


    The leopard pattern hair is very cool!!

  7. minniexmay on


    awesome, i met lars in berlin last saturday at the friedrichstraße station, his look is great, and the world is so small…. ^_^

  8. Akaa on


    I love nerd boys.

  9. jennine on


    nerds are so hot.
    where can i get one?

  10. Emma on


    Those frames are gorgeous! He is so dreamy :)

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