BANG! ideal Art Forum Vernissage, 2007-07-13

Vincent, 23, writer

Annica, 29, assistant store manager for John Rocha

Thibo, 21, assistant to Eric & Eric Lebon, 24, both in his own design

Anni, 26, audio engineer

Angel, 27, fashion designer

Diana Brinks, 29, wearing her own design

Timo, 27, journalist

Lucie, 28, PR-agent


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  1. Crying Caramels on


    I always wanted a Polaroid camera… love this post!! <3

  2. Nathalie on


    love the postcards!Love Berlin!

    Come over an visit my blog:

    :) Liebe Grüße

  3. Im Mary on


    ooh polaroid, my love. i wish someone gave it to me as a present

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