Ideal Showroom 04: 2007-07-14

Wendee Ou

Julia Laskowski, in her own design

Jennifer Ann Gilpin, in her own design


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  1. Duck on


    Bread with caraway seeds is something I always associate with Germanic/central European cuisine! Wish you could buy it easily here…

  2. shayes on


    I used to live in Denmark, where the traditional sweet pastries are called wienerbrød. If only I could find such amazing sweets or caraway bread in Australia!

  3. Marie Schaller on


    hmm… thats´s great! Getting so hungry now;) Thanks a lot for this post. I will definitely visit Sarah Wiener next week… mjam

  4. Kelsey on


    Lecker, I want to eat the photos..

    Absolutely love your site!

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