Berlin in August…

The jury, top row from left: Cathrin Brandes, Kathe Kaczmarzyk, Malin Elmlid, Kathrin Engelen, bottom row: Ursula Heinzelmann, Florian Duijsens, Anna Küfner, Mary Scherpe

Michael, 25, freelance English teacher

Elena, 29, architect

Alex, 41, designer & pr-agent at texte zur kunst


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  1. Secret Chicken on


    i’m not impressed at all. sorry ;)

  2. Candid Cool on


    wow! all three look so so good! All manage to do an everyday put together effortless cool look.

  3. Andreas on


    Das is also Stil, ja? Muha. Da bleib ich lieber stillos.

  4. fruchtzwerg on


    I like the dress of the first girl, it looks cute with the pink cardi but I’m not feeling the shoes and the bags

  5. Anonymous on


    i like the first two looks, especially the guy with cardigan.

  6. g on


    where are the people descriptions? i love those.

  7. stilinberlin on


    sorry g, we forgot that, but here they are!

  8. rrrrr on


    I think Im in love with the architect

  9. laimikis on


    glad to find stil in berlin –
    great shots and the models
    are cute’n’interesting.

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