Paris, 2007-09-07

Susanna Lau, Style Bubble
Betsy Lowther, Fashion is Spinach
Jamie Roy, Fabsugar
Lera Sorokina, F.A.D.
Adrian Corsin, Fashion is Verbatim


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  1. Wttwotc on


    too rihanna

  2. Werepup on


    no i like it its edgy and original (at least, for a guy to wear)

  3. kathrin on


    Wow! looks good, but he must have sweated a lot in that…xoxoKathrin

  4. Hugo Hase on


    Too Rihanna?! What an intelligent comment – it’s like saying Lady Gaga invented the way to dress crazy…

    I think the outfit is great! I guess those are women’s clothes, but it’s just so convenient if the designer is slender enough to fit even in those :-)

  5. dodzsky on


    this coat is so cool ever, and the hair so magnificent.

  6. Charlotte on


    Oh my god he must have been sweltering! I was in a VEST!! Cool look though.

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  7. Forest City Fashionista on


    Oh Wow, I’m sure he was sacrificing comfort for style, but what style!

  8. Désirée on


    wohoo crazy taste with only 18 years old:-)

  9. Anonymous on


    I’m sure Grace Jones would commission him!

  10. Anonymous on


    rihanna? no
    gaga? no

    Grace Jones? yasssss

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