Paris, Rue Saint Claude, 2007-09-08

Karina Senyk, 30, stylist

Steve Le Mercier, 29, musician

Jannie Panourgias, 29, art student

Maroussia Rebecq, founder & art director Andrea Crews

These pictures were made whilst Mary’s trip to Paris, she was invited by Chanel.


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  1. Fred The Mole on


    L-Isabelle is so pretty
    What a smile !!

    Fred the Mole

  2. MahirH on


    wow..gefallt sehr

  3. on


    hey, I walked by that Hannibal guy at the Diesel party at Goya when leaving the restroom. He looks cuter in real live. Although the party was kind of trash. Wrote a really bad review about it on my site. Although Fashion Week itself was fun. Loved this years Premium, so much better than the last time I went. Wrote a little recap on that too.


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