Stil in New York, 2007-09-26

Dwana, 34, dancer

Met Dwana standing in line to catch a glimpse of the queen.

Queen Latifah, 37, rapper, singer and actress

Sara, 27, law student from Sweden (but studying in Philly)

Lily, 27, in jewellery


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  1. Cecylia on


    Such great style!

  2. Hugo Hase on


    I think it’s funny that someone actually wrote “I love HER style” – it’s a guy…

    The outfit is really nice, but he’s so cute he would look good in a garbage bag!

  3. Lili. on


    Simply awesome! Love it

  4. lion on


    love him, and his style.
    and the way the stripes interact with that other prganic pattern in the background.

  5. gelbard on


    the boots looks just like the israeli army boots.

  6. Anonymous on


    .. it’s jeremy, how cute.

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