Ronny Springs for SiB: NBI, 2007-10-17

Saturday July 11, Berries hosts Stitch & Tchuani will be hosting a hot party after the film screening (c) Jan Strempel

Welfe, 26, jewellery designer & Sofia, 19, personal jesus, from Australia

Bim, 19, design student, from London

Marie, 20, booker

Frederiecke, 20, graphic design student, from Erfurt


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  1. The.color/Baby-Blue on



    Looks good. I’d really appreciate it if you could link me on your page.


    See ya

  2. Benedicte on


    Welfe and Sofia looked awesome, love the colours ^^

  3. Jenny on


    Tyler, you are right. That’s the same girl. How cool! Wow, Bim has an awesome style.

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