Darryl Natale reporting from Paris


Igor, 18, Stylist from Paris, (outside Kris Van Assche)

Vintage jacket, jean cut-offs, leather shirt, and tights
Doc Martens shoes
Lanvin socks
Marc Jacobs belt
Yves Saint Laurent brooch

JeanPaul, 22, Stylist and Editor of Mycro Magazine from Amsterdam, (outside Kris Van Assche)

Thierry Mugler jacket
Vintage shirt
Zara shoes and rubber tights
Top Shop bag
Martin Margiela sunglasses

If you want to know what these handsome young men did in Paris, check the interviews by Martin Kullik on A Shaded View On Fashion.


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  1. Jasmin on


    his sweater looks really cool!

  2. escalante blogger on


    He looks so good. But his shades looks so nice.

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