Warschauer Straße: Sun


Sun, 21, Fashion Student

Kawa jacket,
Zara turtleneck,
H&M skirt and tights,
Vagabond shoes


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  1. Helena on


    This is my all time favourite! Everything is home made and they serve Five Elephant coffee beans. A big plus for house made gravlachs and delicious daily salads!

  2. Henning on


    Aunt Benny really is a great place, and they just opened a little bar next door a couple of months ago. Just one additional note: Aunt Benny was opened just a couple of years ago (2011, I think), not 2001…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It maybe wasn’t 2001, but it is certainly older than 2011, I think it must’ve been 2006 or even 2005 that I first went there..

  3. Katja on


    they opened in 2009. I used to live next to it

  4. Rocco on


    Aunt Benny used to be my favourite place for breakfast. I used to go there every day until they changed coffee and I’m not going there no more. I mean why?..The old coffee was just perfect. Anyway, still a good place to hang..

  5. LS on


    Nice place but preferred the Kings & Queens coffee they used to serve before the switch to Five Elephant

  6. Ingrid on


    The fact that you just referenced Baked and Wired made my day. I am an American that went to Georgetown University but am now living in the Berlin area and a Baked and Wired fanatic!

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