Neue Schönhauser Straße: Homan


Homan, 22, Student from New York

Vintage jacket, t-shirt, jeans, shoes, bag, and hat,
Slow and Steady Wins the Race sunglasses


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  1. Hein on


    It is a little bit hard to find the right sauce for your own taste. But you could enjoy yourself . Thanks. Keep reaching for those stars in Berlin:-)

  2. Felix Eichholtz on


    Hey! Thanks for your Pfefferhaus report, mixed with theese well made close up photos! All things you wrote are 100% my personal point of view… besides, we offer all interested visitors of our shop a little test session and all further informations to find the right products. Spice up your life!

  3. jędrek on


    Stumbled into here by accident the other day. The shopkeeper was great, didn’t mind that we came in a little after closing (eep) and gave me a little tasting of their most popular sauces. Ended up buying four bottles to take home with me. Great product, great service, highly recommended.

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