Stil in Vienna: workshop


I am going to run a workshop on street photography next Sunday in Vienna’s Museumsquartier as part of the Vienna Fashion Observatory, for which I am currently in Vienna.

Sunday, 26/07/2009, 16:00-18:00, Museumsquartier Vienna
Sign up at (10 participants max)
Meeting point: Freiraum
Bring: your camera


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  1. Anonymous on


    i love love love him!

  2. Nova on


    The jacket looks very nice.

  3. Kale on


    I was just wondering is the whole hardcore/80s/Ninja Goth look on the out
    I like it and everything and I know that we should not always follow trends and stick to who we are and what I style dictates
    But is it worth buying a leather jacket specifically a biker one or should you buy a more classic fit like the one above??

  4. Sabine on


    How does he keep his shoes so clean?

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