At home: Yoske Nishiumi


Yoske Nishiumi is wearing a Kitsuné shirt, Raf by Raf Simons sweater, APC trousers and Koiklub x Onitsuka Tiger Lay Up shoes

Berlin is cold, freezing and algid. It’s no fun running through brown slush-covered streets in the hopes of meeting someone who’s opted for aesthetics rather than functional clothing. But don’t get me wrong, I do not suggest you to dress in style and freeze all day. Rather we had the idea to go into the warm homes of our subjects, visit them in their living rooms, and photograph them not with chattering teeth, but relaxed and calm. And besides that, as a way to present the way some Berliners live. Like our Cut! series, this will be in addition to our normal street approach.

Yoske is a friend and my language exchange partner. I teach him German, he teaches me Japanese (if we do not spend our time savouring miso soup or listening to piano tunes). Besides he is the founder of Koiklub, whose latest stroke of genius was the transformation of a Spätkauf at Torstraße, selling original Japanese products and the latest Onitsuka Tiger shoes. The one he is wearing are in store from July. I say they are flesh-colored, he doesn’t like that.


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  1. Cecylia on


    Cute poncho! She could wear it as a skirt too

  2. Anonymous on


    Very cute and cheerful!

  3. Esther on


    she’s adorable :) love the high-top converse <3

  4. Oliver on


    Der Poncho steht ihr echt gut, sehr hübsches Mädchen

  5. Anonymous on


    cute, but please, no more stil in toronto! we want stil in berlin! we use facehunter for the rest of the world.

  6. emma lou on


    She’s so much more fashionable than me :D
    Love it!!

  7. Uli on


    sehr sehr schöner strick-poncho. sehr cool!!! passt sehr schön zusammen. hübsch!

  8. escalante blogger on


    She can be a model someday, with that look so fabulous.

  9. Petra on


    Exzellent. Ich liebe Tuniken ja auch über alles. Hier kommt sie perfekt zur Geltung! Sehr schickes Mädchen!

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