On the Runway: Karaleev Joop


You might have already recognized that Vladimir Karaleev is one of my favourite Berlin talents. He presented his work in an off-site location, showing a very slow and silent presentation, where the models just stood still in front of white walls. In the video, Timo asks him if the Nationalgalerie hadn’t been a better choice for this. Vladimir agrees, but states he doesn’t have the power to get into this building, as the brand Joop! did on the very same evening. We also meet U. Gutmair,who prefered to talk about the music.


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  1. Zeitgeschmack Fashionblog on


    Schönes Video :) Sehr natürlich. Es ist spannend auch mal hinter die Kulissen gucken zu können, besonders bei Kaviar Gauche.

  2. Vinda Sonata on


    the first picture is terrific
    she’s such a beauty with fantastic hair !

  3. blica on


    na, was bin ich froh, dass so ne weite hose schon in meinem besitz ist. sieht jut aus!

  4. Geneviève on


    Interessant ! 
    I discover this blog : great entry for me in the german fashion world… I’ll come back soon…
    A propos : do you know what “gauche caviar” means in french ? Strange brand name for us (french people)…
    Tschüss (I lived in Germany during part of my childhood but feel quite insecure to comment in German… Next time maybe, perhaps !)

  5. Astrid {via Models and Muses} on


    Das ist ja ein wahnsinnig cooles Laufsteg Foto!! So natuerlich, wie die Haare fliessen, einfach genial!

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