Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Outside Giuliano Fujiwara


Marco, 20, Buyer

Comme des Garçons jacket and bag,
Rick Owens cardigan and boot,
Ksubi Jeans
Burberry Prorsum scarf


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  1. Vinda Sonata on


    good review and she’s such a beautiful woman. i can understand why you picked her! her head accessories are beautiful! nice simple but bold makeup, too. i’m such a fan of red lipstick myself. :)

  2. Cecylia on


    Woah so glamorous!

  3. Sabine on


    Although personally this style doesn’t appeal to me I appreciate the point of individuality vs. just following trends – I often feel the same in London, whereas people in Paris or Berlin seem to lean more towards expressing their individuality (ahh, generalisations, always a tricky thing…)

  4. DON'T SWEAT IT on


    I definitely agree with your description of NYC fashion. I was sitting on the train today and a man came on who clearly thought he was uber-stylish. I couldn’t help but think that he looked like a replica of about a thousand other men wearing the same thing. Not to say that we are not allowed to find inspiration in each other, but with New York deeming itself a fashion forward city, it is more along the lines of trends and brand names than the innovation of personal and individualistic style.

  5. ♥Lola on


    Such a gorgeous photo!

  6. mimi sioux on


    aw – how cute!

  7. Christina on


    blang blang!! Now that is a statement!!

  8. The Fall on


    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous on


    With the glint in her eyes she looks as if time travelling. She can carry it off, therefore it is classic and timeless.

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