Stil in Stockholm: Rosanna


Rosanna, 18, Works at Weekday

Weekday trenchcoat,
Inwear sweater,
Ali leggings,
H&M gloves

Mary and I often get asked in interviews what it is that catches our eye when we decide to take a photo. Since we recognize that style and taste are always subjective, we’d like to begin to provide a bit more insight into the stories behind the photos we take. Not only as justifications of why we think our photo subjects have style, but also to create a more in-depth dialogue around the looks you see on Stil in Berlin. And since style is about much more than just what one wears, we plan to give a bit more information on the personalities our subjects. Think of it as street style meets ethnography.

When arriving from Berlin into Stockholm, the first thing you notice is that the streets are in such a complete contrast to one another. Stockholm is cleaner, brighter, and graffiti-free. There’s a clean and sharp quality to nearly everything here, actually, which is only accentuated by the Swedish design. That being said, it can be difficult to stand out in the fashion-obsessed Stockholm. Trends catch on quickly here, and as I stood on Götgatan searching for photo subjects, I saw the same styles repeated over and over. Although black is a constant in Sweden, something about Rosanna stood out amongst the crowd on Götgatan. The triangular silhouette of the trench coat and the perfect neatness of her pulled-back hair was what caught my eye even as she dashed into a cafe with her back turned to me. The studded clutch and red lipstick added the last bit of accessorizing that made the right contrasts to the subdued black. So, it’s true: a little does go a long way.


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  1. Winnie on


    really pretty blouse!

  2. Mandy Lane on


    really special…. i dont know if i can like it

  3. Anonymous on


    sehr hübsche kette!

  4. Claudette on


    somehow classic, but different, i like it!
    p.s. i just felt like saying thanks for the blog! excellent job!

  5. Anonymous on


    excelent outfit, wouldnt wear it, but i think hes perfect for it, good job

    salut from argentina

  6. Stephanie on


    Paul sieht gut aus. tolles Outfit.

  7. ka on


    classic colours, boy-ish combination, and the white socks…
    -> just great!!

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