At home: Robert Lippok


Robert Lippok is wearing a Bernhard Wilhelm shirt, Comme des Garcons jeans, Falke socks and Gucci shoes. He’s a part of To Rococo Rot and a collector of strange things. His room is filled with, of course, records and musical instruments, but also with all kinds of knick-knacks. He has a thing for lamps made of hedgehog spines, small red plastic rabbits, big black plastic ravens, anatomic models of the human body, parrot beaks, huge glass bulbs, and hand puppets, like the creepy one he is showing in this picture. But he is not stockpiling them and making his apartment into a weird cabinet of curiosities, but rather chooses them carefully, presenting only a few of them on his desk and walls. Which either makes it less spooky, or even more.


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  1. Clara on


    LOVE this! They don’t look like they’re from this time..

  2. Anonymous on


    Performance artists…..

  3. Janie F on


    Lovely! I agree with Clara. They don’t look like they come from this time.

  4. BM on


    They just look awesome! Love the hats!

  5. Karoline on


    So lovely!!

  6. Anonymous on


    waaaaah, this nearly makes me cry ;_; gorgeous!

  7. Christine on


    If you take away their hats I think the outfits still work. Such a cute couple.

  8. Anonymous on


    his hat makes it like a costume. would be cooler/ less screaming for attention without.

  9. Niccolo on


    Cool couple….♥

  10. Roslyn Jones on


    It’s your mother here Lottie….and I do remember the evening in Paris, love to both gorgeous ones xx

  11. Roslyn Jones on


    Or perhaps given the dates, I could be mistaken! x

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