Milan: Rebeca


Men’s Fashion Week, I ended up taking a lot of shots of fashion editors. This time I’m trying to avoid doing so, since there are plenty of other places to see these photos. The first day of the week was quiet, with mostly small labels showing, but ultimately much more interesting for me in finding the more creative types, since the big shows in Milan are mostly inaccessible to those just starting out in the industry. Rebeca came out in a whirlwind from via Gattamelata after the Upcoming Designers show, and unfortunately I only got her name, as her dog was in a hurry.


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  1. Natascha on


    DAS ist mal ne gute Idee.

  2. The Urban Flaneur on


    What a lovely look she has! The shoes are the perfect touch to it.

  3. amalie on


    lovely. i like her shoes!

  4. Julia on


    check out some Charlottenburg styles, too…

  5. andi on


    nice style sure, you have nice style

  6. Anonymous on


    What do you mean with the expression “effort of solidarity”???…Finally! Berlin is huge and variegated,and not only 3 streets in Mitte ;)!

  7. Anonymous on


    I’m curious about that ^^ as well.

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