London: Kristi & Jarvis


Bonsai coat,
Topshop stockings,
Vintage boots


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  1. bi-style on


    I love his color combination! Great look!

  2. emily on


    oh gosh, so awesome!

  3. erik on


    purple shoes rule!

  4. stylishkidsinriot on


    it´s funny. this petar petrov pant is from one of it´s first collections me thinks. there was a music vid made from the austrian band zeronic in 2005 where the gutiar player also worn a piece of his collection, but in pink.

    petar petrov is rad. luv his stuff.

  5. jana on


    I really love the cut of his pants. The pleating is just right! And the bag too… so very nice. Do you have his contact information? I really love this combination of blues and grey/purple. It’s pretty bold, and I don’t think men here in the states would wear something like this; they’re too afraid, sadly.

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