At home: Nina Egli


Though I usually refrain from characterising people by their nationality, I have to say Swiss people are, even to me, a distant by heart German, very reserved people, who usually do not invite you home before knowing you some time. But not Nina. I got her contact from Pascal and she instantly agreed on inviting me into her home. Without having met me before, she welcomed me with a big smile, wearing a bright yellow silk dress she got at a Zürich fleamarket for 5 Franken (about 4 Euros — she will show me this secret gem in summer). Nina spends one half of her life in Zürich, where she lives almost in the middle of a forest in the south of the city, and the other half in New York working on her jewelry and clothing line Toujours Toi and Family Affairs.


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  1. C on


    Such a beautiful coat, perfect shape. That grey Chanel bag completes the look! So effortlessly chic.

  2. Hannah on


    No wonder she is so immaculately dressed then!
    I really love the oversized coat. I’d love to try it, but sometimes big jackets can look a bit silly in northern austrlia, even in the winter!

  3. Anonymous on


    awful! – no style, no feminity except the nails. luckily most russian women have a more feminine way to dress. to be modern and a good businesslady does nor exclude to show the wonderfull shape of a womens body.

  4. adriana on


    she is beautiful, beauty that comes easy, no hard time to look good,no fashion victim but style that comes from inside as a visual personal statement,cool

  5. fashion nightmare on


    She is incredible!
    Proud of our fashion editors!

  6. classiq on


    Simple and chic!

  7. RIY_KA on


    perfect look

  8. Nimue on


    I love the simplicity of this look!

  9. Anonymous on



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