Paris: Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet


Aymeric, 25, Stylist

Wearing all vintage, except for Vivienne Westwood shorts.

I saw Aymeric (I’m still not sure if that’s his real name) standing outside of the Bernhard Wilhelm presentation, dressed as if he had come straight from the renaissance, with a little more theatricality added in for effect. It reminds me a lot of last year’s photo of Igor.


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  1. jamie on


    oh my gosh,she is so beautiful.
    love her style ! ! !

  2. EGS on


    can believe a dentist can be so fashionable…cool!

  3. Susku on


    awesome haircut! that nosering brings nice contrast to the rest of the look

  4. Anonymous on


    she’s marvellous

  5. Leah on


    I love her style. She looks so cool. What shoes was she wearing?

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