For Urban Outfitters: Max


Max, wearing trousers, shirt, and hat from Urban Outfitters
Rest is vintage.

Shirt from Urban Outfitters,
Rest is vintage.

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  1. Liz on


    Thank you so much for this beautifully written review! I will definitely go and see the movie now!

  2. Toby Ashraf on


    Here is the complete life wish list that a teenage girl in the film reads to her best friend:
    “I want to marry, have kids. Travel the world. Buy a house. Have romantic holidays. Eat only ice cream for a day. Live abroad. Reach and maintain my ideal weight. Write a great novel. Stay in touch with old friends. I want to plant a tree. Make a delicious dinner from scratch. Feel completely successful. Go ice bathing, swim with dolphins. Have a birthday party, a proper one. Live to be a hundred. Stay married until I die. Send an exciting message in a bottle and get an equally interesting reply. Overcome all my fears and phobias. Lie watching the clouds all day. Have an old house full of knickknacks. Run a full marathon. Read a book that’s so great I’ll remember quotes from it all my life. Paint stunning pictures that show how I really feel. Cover a wall with paintings and words close to my heart. Own all the seasons of my favourite shows. Attract attention to an important issue, make people listen to me. Go sky-diving, skinny-dipping, fly a helicopter. Have a good job I look forward to every day. I want a romantic, unique proposal. Sleep beneath open skies. Hike on Besseggen, act in a film or a play at the National Theatre. Win a fortune in the lottery. Make useful everyday items. And be loved.”

  3. vvs on


    Reading this made me want to revisit the film. Thank you for your beautiful review.

    After I first saw it, I got hold of the book it’s based on (the 1931 novel by Pierre Drieu de la Rochelle) and the Louis Malle adaptation to film (LE FEU FOLLET, 1963). But despite this being an interesting research, OSLO has achieved something that goes beyond the zeitgeist or the sentiments described by La Rochelle or Malle: with its many layers, OSLO is pure, existential, contemporary, visual and lyrical poetry. Even though it’s been a while since I saw it, I remember it more vividly than most other films I ever watched.

    REPRISE, his previous film, is a prequel of sorts with the same cast. It is also interesting for anyone keen to dig deeper, but OSLO stands firmly on its own feet.

  4. Alexandra on


    Does anyone know where the film might be shown with English subtitles?

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