At home: René Pollesch


The dramatist and director René Pollesch in his home in Prenzlauer Berg – more portraits of Berlin based theater makers on the Theatertreffen Blog.


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  1. Ken Takel on


    Mmmm, LECKER!

  2. cc on


    According to their website their beef is shipped from the state of Iowa in the U.S. and fed corn. Now we all know cows typically feed on grass but the U.S. feeds them corn as they have so much and it makes cattle fatter faster; good for the farmers pockets, bad for the cows stomachs. Not only this but corn fed cow meat offers much less vitamins and nutrients than grass fed. So its neither local not better quality and their burgers are 11 euro and up? Yall are getting ripped off.

    1. Florian Duijsens on

      The burgers are actually made from German beef (the website isn’t so clear about it), it’s the steaks that are American…

    2. Keith on

      cc – while I used to be in the “grass fed is better” camp, my mind has been changed recently. There are some notable chefs (such as Thomas Keller, of French Laundry & Per Se fame) who prefer grain-fed beef for the flavor. It may not matter much in ground beef, where fat ratio can be easily altered at the grinder, but the fat marbling that results from grain-feed makes a difference in the flavor of a steak.

      Is it healthier? I don’t know, but if you’re eating a giant steak or cheeseburger, is that honestly your primary concern? :)

  3. Straphalariolist on


    That’s fantastic. Good food, best taste.

  4. tallulah on


    food is good but i would be no means call it quick! one of the DISadvantages to being so popular. during peak times you can be prepared to wait 45-90 minutes for your meal.

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