Summer days


Sorry for the lack of updates – Dario is on his way to Milano and I am planning on several exciting “At Home” pictures – we will continue to post very soon, so please bear with us!

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  1. Aline on


    hm lecker lecker :D

  2. Anonymous on


    Do not forget to try a new entry in Neukölln (Kienitzerstr.116): “Erste Sahne”. 100% bio, natural and Italian. I am sure you´ll be positively surprise and possibly add it to the list :)

    1. Mary on

      Thanks for the tip, will try it out asap!

  3. Anonymous on


    Also try Amorino on Orianienburgerstr. near Hackerscher Markt. It is a chain (found internationally) and their ice cream is not cheap, but it is delicious. They serve it in cones and you can get up to 5 flavors, as they make petal shapes with each flavor. It’s fantastic.

  4. magovsky on


    Thanks for sharing, I also really love the one at Lausitzer Platz, in front of Görlitzer Park!
    ..but don’t know the name :(

  5. anna on


    Nice & useful selection!
    In my opinion, Caffe e Gelato located in Potsdamer Platz Arcaden is definitely among (if not) the best.
    Eismanufaktur is the challenger, yet there are too many little fragments of frozen ice cube inside the ice-cream, which means that the temperature requirements are not respected through the whole process.
    Another very good one : Bio eis next to Bergman str. Markthalle (with vegan/soy milk flavors).

    1. Mary on

      Caffe e Gelato… I’ve heard of them being great, though the interior is unbearable! With Bio Eis I guess you mean Tanne B, it’s their second branch besides the main in Kreuzberg

  6. Anonymous on


    Falls ihr mal in Charlottenburg seid…Eiscafé Schmidt in der Knesebeckstraße (direkt am Savignyplatz)! Vanille mit kandierten Sonnenblumenkernen.

  7. Andre / Trendportal on


    Mhh hört sich sehr lecker an! Bisher kannte/mochte ich nur Hägen Dazs in Berlin, wenn ich das nächste mal da bin werd ich deine Tipps mal aufnehmen!


  8. Frauenzimmer on


    friedrichshain, eispiraten, best ever <3

    1. Anonymous on

      Exactly, what about Eispiraten, Grünberger Straße 85? :-)

    2. anja on

      yes, eispiraten! still the best! try butterkeks, erdbeer-basilikum & schokolade!

  9. Anonymous on


    never got any mini scoop from anna durkes

    1. seb on

      anna durkes in the graefekiez – hands down, one of the best! plus what a lovely couple and charmingly designed shop!

  10. Mary Scherpe on


    hmm… that’s too bad to hear! will check in the café asap

  11. Anonymous on


    Rosa Canina in P’berg is also very good!

  12. tinka braun on


    Monheim in Wilmersdorf, (near Ubahn) Blissestrasse 12, been in biz since the ice ages and counting, always homemade, the oldest ice cafe in Berlin. Long lines in summer.

  13. Judith on


    And Frozen Yogurt by Good Q in Mitte (Tucholskystr. 44) is delicious too! Yummy!

  14. Karoline on


    Vanille & Marille is certainly worth waiting in line for – the salty caramel one is to die for !

  15. Stef on


    You also have to try the freshly opened Mos Eisley at Herrfurthplatz 6, Neukölln.
    Delicious flavours, some good alcohol combinations (Chocolat-Whiskey, Baileys etc.) and lots of choices for vegans!

  16. Nora on


    Perfection <3 thanks a lot.

  17. Karin on


    If you or one of the readers know where to get licorice flavored icecream I’d be forever grateful!

  18. gina on


    unbedingt: Eispiraten! Friedrichshain, Grünbergerstraße 85…
    sehr sehr leckeres Eis und günstige Preise!

  19. Mat on


    Mein Eistipp – sehr lecker und zum Zugucken:
    Cuore di Vetro
    Max-Beer-Straße 33, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

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