Neue Schönhauser Straße: Peter


I’ve been looking for someone like Peter to photograph ever since I started taking street shots, but older gentlemen types aren’t as as easy to find in Berlin as in Milan or Paris, for instance. Peter is 83 years old and lives in Berlin-Köpenick. He’s now retired, but before the war he was trained as a chef at the Adlon Hotel here in Berlin. He told me that his house is filled with clothes, and that he changes his style every day. He also gave me this cute postcard to say thank you for the photo!


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  1. Anonymous on


    FLEWMARKET?!? Interesting word creation I’d say.

  2. lady coveted on



    oh well, i love the japanese lady, she’s very cool looking.

  3. Elle on


    I love to see this little part of Berlim in advance! In advance because I am going to Berlim for a few days next week and i’m really excited to find out these street markets and young german style in loco! any suggestions where to go??
    thanks and cheers!

  4. Anonymous on


    yes, i like her too…!

  5. Anonymous on


    I love how, even though these are all modern, fashionable women, you can still clearly tell their nationality by how they look. I am mpost impressed with the japanese lady’s style-very impressive

  6. Anonymous on


    all visitors to Mauer park are female , do men not count ?

  7. Happy on


    Nice look…not too bulky, but still warm and simple. I don’t like the purse, though.

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