At home: Sebastian Warschow


I am more than willing to make a trip to my personal no-go-area, Friedrichshain, for Sebastian, one of the best dressed men in Berlin. He proves to be equally talented in styling himself and his apartment. His spacious place is furnished around two white, brass decorated cupboards he inherited from his grandparents. The huge flower object next to the sofa is actually a lamp and corresponds with the cupboards. I am pretty sure Sebastian is the only one who can make this rather weird item look contemporary. (We are very interested to find out if this might be a designer’s item – does anyone know?)

Lovely exceptions from the orange-retro-monotony Friedrichshain usually offers are Aunt Benny and No Fire, No Glory!


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  1. Fr.Jona&son on


    super pretty, das kann ich auch unterschreiben. und sie macht ein tolles magazin!

  2. Cecylia on


    Wow that’s a great shot!

  3. Ciz on


    Hey, i’m brazilian. Love love love stilinberlin!
    she’s MEGA pretty.

  4. Lorena on


    She’s so cute, I really like the oversize striped/polka dot tee.

  5. Esther on


    i agree, she’s so pretty <3 & her home looks like a little forest with her animals

  6. WeblogLiteratur on


    A little bit to “girly” as I think. But do I see Bernd the Bread behind the pillow?

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