At home: Sebastian Warschow


I am more than willing to make a trip to my personal no-go-area, Friedrichshain, for Sebastian, one of the best dressed men in Berlin. He proves to be equally talented in styling himself and his apartment. His spacious place is furnished around two white, brass decorated cupboards he inherited from his grandparents. The huge flower object next to the sofa is actually a lamp and corresponds with the cupboards. I am pretty sure Sebastian is the only one who can make this rather weird item look contemporary. (We are very interested to find out if this might be a designer’s item – does anyone know?)

Lovely exceptions from the orange-retro-monotony Friedrichshain usually offers are Aunt Benny and No Fire, No Glory!


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  1. agg on


    hair colour is great but that what she has on it is horrible!

  2. Paz on


    Very nice.. her hair is awsome..!

  3. Stephanie on


    I love the look. Her hair and the animal print jacket matches perfekt.

  4. emmet on


    shoot! I was in Berlin last week and was looking for this street as there are many vintage DDR merchandise sell at cheaper price. But Berlin is huge can’t find it….

  5. Jagucha on


    I admire her talent to knit! sweater is awesome!

  6. Anonymous on


    you look awesome

  7. sarah on


    her hair is just great!

  8. Anonymous on


    :) actually the girl you saw in stockholm is the same person as in stil in berlin. she just visited berlin and moved on to stockholm.
    its me, simone

  9. wegra on


    Love the zebra-print jumper. Great attitude and great style.

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