Rochstraße: Mengxi Again


If you have a good memory, you’ll recognize Mengxi from the photo I took of her a few months back outside of the Apartment designer sale. As we were talking, she mentioned that her mother was a model in China in the 70s, which doesn’t surprise me. She’s originally from a smaller-sized city in China, but lived the last years in Beijing, before coming to live in Berlin to study business and languages.


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  1. poisy on


    Nice! I always have a look at your page since a few months now and I find it awesome! I guess I like Berlin style… I should move asap! :)

  2. SpiegelEule on


    echt klasse mit dem weißen hemd. und auch, das sie so frei lähelt. unterstreicht den entspannten look.

  3. saray on


    love the jacket!

  4. Lynn on


    Arkonaplatz is in Mitte, isn’t it?

  5. Anonymous on


    Arkonaplatz is in Mitte, but Kollwitzplatz is in Prenzlauer Berg, isn’t it? I like the shirt!

  6. poosc on


    I really like the jacket!

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