At Home: Svenja Specht

svenja specht

This is Svenja Specht, the renowned creative behind the label Reality Studio in her studio in Friedrichshain. When I started engaging in Berlin fashion, this was one of the first labels I discovered and instantly liked. Svenja lives one floor above her studio with Yoske, who I photographed as the first subject for the At Home series. I met with Svenja on 11/11, the Faschingsanfang (beginning of the carnival season) in Germany, which explains the Pfannkuchen pastry (aka “Berliner” outside of Berlin) on the table.


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  1. ink.or.milk on


    It’s a good idea for the books, because just putting them in shelves can be so boring.. although if you need a book that is supporting your table, could be difficult ;) x

  2. Im Mary on


    amazing. arent u looking for a roomate?

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