At home: The Golding-Tomter Family


This is Jorn, Odin and Kimberly — they used to live in Kreuzberg’s Graefe-Kiez before they moved to London just some weeks ago. I took this picture just before they started packing. They inherited a lot of the oma-furniture from the old woman that used to live there before and mixed it with their own (sometimes weird) stuff, like the gun-vase on the table and the wall design (see more details on our facebook page. The reason why they left Berlin after just two years is to live closer to Kimberly’s family in London and, of course: work. Jorn is a photographer and though he was able to find contacts in Berlin, the majority of his jobs were not in Berlin. You might know Jorn’s photography documentation of daily life from his blog “One Portrait a Day”.


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  1. Teamgeist on


    Brandenburg ist toll und bisschen Natur kann man auch mal nach Berlin lassen! :)

  2. Giulia on


    I’m so glad you’re discovering this very special area and giving it a little publicity. My husband and I bought a house in the village of Parstein next to the lake several years ago that we’re renovating by hand. We were married at Kloster Chorin and at the village church.

    I recently recorded a story for Berlin Stories about Parstein and one of our farmer friends there. Have a listen if you have the time!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      wow, thanks for the link! immediately included it in our berlin link list and shared it on fb

  3. Giulia on


    And thanks again for sharing it! Get in touch next time you’re up there: you have my email address :)

  4. Lifnik on


    Greetings from Hong Kong.
    Thank you for letting me know more about another face of Berlin. I really enjoy it.
    Ich liebe Berlin! :)

  5. Nicola on


    Oh, das klingt toll und das möchte ich mir auf jeden Fall mal anschauen. Ich kenne aus Rhein-Main den Demeterhof „Dottenfelderhof“. Auch ein besonderer Ort.

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