At Home: David Fischer


This is David Fischer in his northern Mitte flat. David is a photographer focusing on portraiture, having moved to Berlin in the early 2000s after studying in New York and working as an assistant under Bruce Weber. He has a thing for Dogme 95, wilted flowers, and Tazio Secchiaroli, evidence of which can be seen all around his living room. The photo above him is of the band Low, and was taken by David. The rest of his portfolio is up online on his homepage.


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  1. la femme on


    classy watch.

  2. Anonymous on


    wie kann man mit 17 jahren student sein ?

  3. Anonymous on


    “student” kann auf englisch auch einfach “schüler” heißen. und sonst: netter style! bin mir nur bei felix frisur nicht ganz sicher… müsste man in echt sehen.

  4. Anonymous on


    Er kommt aus Schweden…

  5. mr larsen on


    who needs to go thrift shopping when you can find awesome clothes and accesories in your parents’ closets?

  6. Francesca on


    Ich möchte auch, dass meine Eltern Kleiderschränke voller toller Dinge haben und außerdem möchte ich in meiner Klasse so einen stilvollen 17-Jährigen haben.

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