Five Years of Stil in Berlin: The music

broken glass

To complete our week of birthday celebration our dear friend Florian Duijsens, blogging at NeonResolutions, combined music pieces from the last five years to bring you a delightful mix of Five Years Stil in Berlin under the name “Broken Glass” (feel free to interpret)

Download Broken Glass / Five years Stil in Berlin


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    great pics, as usual!

    love your portraits!


  2. Marie on


    yeah, i’m not the only one who loves arraning books by colour. :) makes me feel much more normal, thanks a lot!

    1. Jola on

      My books are arranged by colours as well. :o) The every shelf is a little rainbow.

  3. M on


    Ah, these delightful bookshelves with neatly picked up books, how much we love them! I do enjoy the colour coding on them. Such idea not only makes bookshelves nicer to look at but also you don’t get a headache when you stare at them in a desperate need to find a book. The photo reminds me of The Selby or Backyardbill which are two of my very fav blogs. Omelette sounds like heaven if only I could eat eggs.

    I am waiting for more photos.

    Lots of love,

  4. Im Mary on


    thats amazing. I love bookshelfs and beautiful books! I’d be totally shinning If I was there :-)

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