Five Years of Stil in Berlin: The music

broken glass

To complete our week of birthday celebration our dear friend Florian Duijsens, blogging at NeonResolutions, combined music pieces from the last five years to bring you a delightful mix of Five Years Stil in Berlin under the name “Broken Glass” (feel free to interpret)

Download Broken Glass / Five years Stil in Berlin


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  1. Im Mary on


    Oh great! Since I have vietnamese boyfriend I really like their food too. We have something like that in PRAGUE, its called Sapa and its HUGE. And its actually great You can buy food there and cook something home afterwards :)

  2. Julia on


    Wo ist das? Und wer ist überhaupt Florian?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Liebe Julia, du findest einen Link zu Florians Blog und die Adresse am Ende des Textes

  3. Julia on


    Oh, Sorry. Ich hatte den Beitrag nicht ganz aufgeklickt.

    Aber ist Stil in Berlin nun so ein Blog mit vielen Autoren? Stellt Euch doch mal vor. Wäre
    sicher interessant für die Leser.

  4. Sylee on


    Mhmm, to load those leafy greens into my wicker basket!

  5. Anonymous on



    I will be in Berlin 25-th and 26=th of August (there will be Lange Nacht der Museen). I like chinese food and pho soup. Can you recommend place where it is possible to eat good chinese food and pho soup (not expensive). I stay in Charlottenburg.

    Best regards

  6. Anonymous on


    My favorite place for chinese food is Asia Deli, Seestraße 41, Berlin-Wedding.
    Ask for the red chinese menue card (important: if you look european they’ll bring you the black one), order & enjoy! You’ll get fresh, tasty dishes maily from the Hunan & Sichuan provinces. Don’t wear your best clothing since they operate an open kitchen ;)

  7. Anonymous on


    Sehr gut geschrieben!
    Mehr Florian bitte!

    1. Anonymous on

      Oh ja, mehr von Florian. Er schreibt wirklich besser als die anderen Autoren hier.

  8. Dan on


    Impressive. Living in Berlin since birth an did not know this place.

  9. bunavita on


    huah! sooo prettyyyyyyy!

  10. Jay K. on


    Yeah, this place is kind of amazing because you can get a real culture shock. They have done a amazing job to get a interessting atmosphere in the middle of Berlin. It took us a while to get out of “Vietnam” in our heads, even after we leaved the place.

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