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  1. Oliver on


    Somewhat disappointed you didn’t include Antipodes (Fehrbelliner Straße, Prenzlauer Berg) on your list but then, I already know about it and consider it one of my favourites.

    I know at least half of the others but obviously have more ground to cover :)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Oliver,

      I’ve been to Antipodes, but to be honest, their espresso did not convince me … but the staff is very friendly and it’s a nice place to sit at!

    2. Rodolfo on

      Antipodes uses bitter, dark roast beans. Not specialty coffee.

  2. noerrebro on


    Great! Need inspiration for my next trip to Berlin :)

  3. nikol on


    this is such a wonderful post and blog as well. I always travel to Berlin but never really get to see the city. This blog has me making my list of what to do next time I go ( :

  4. vlad alexandru on


    Yes my friends, this is such a personal article, really looks like somebody gave money to be there! All my respect for corey my good buddy, for the barn crew wonderfull coffee, my friends from chapter one nora and bjorn peace and love my friends, for the cappuccino from godshot, the guys from five elephants are doing a great job, no fire no glory was my first love in berlin, but my put a title like a world barista champion to a guy who even google doesn’t heard about tragic, i.m wondering what you understand from all this coffee world..i forgot the guys from bonanza! Great job my put your eyes and minds ad read, and learn..because we train a lot to become champions, or good places in championships..we don.t promote robusta coffee and we don.t resteam the your champions are doing! Thank you for attention! My name is vlad i.m barista and yes i live in berlin!

    1. Mary on

      Dear Vlad, none of the businesses presented here paid money to be in this guide. Sorry to hear you dislike our selection of coffee.

    2. Anonymous on

      What Vlad is trying to say, is that Arno Schnell is not a World Barista Champion… the 2005 title belongs to Troels Poulsen from Denmark. A quick fact check would have cleared this up. Great guide nonetheless. You found all the best spots!

    3. dario on

      A small mistake — Arno is the “European World Coffee Champion” of 2005, which was held in Hamburg. Additionally there is the “World Coffee Championship” which was held in Seattle in 2005. We’re new to the coffee scene so excuse our confusion!

    4. cole on

      such a german reply

    5. kina on

      My good . … what did you have today , except of coffee ???

  5. Anonymous on


    hiya, i’m moving to Wedding next week.
    Have you got any tips for cafes in my new neighbourhood that I could visit?

    1. Mary on

      Currently we don’t know of any Third Wave coffee ventures in Wedding.

    2. Anonymous on

      The coffee is nothing to get excited about (although acceptable), but it’s a nice place to sit, and their baked goods are delicious: Tassenkuchen, Malplaquetstrasse.

      Coffee Star on Muellerstrasse is a decent source for beans (they roast in the cafe), which is my go-to option whenever I don’t have the time to go get a bag of beans from Impala at Eberswalder or from Chapter One. I even prefer Coffee Star’s roasts over those you can buy at Bonanza or Double Eye.

      I don’t know of any coffee joint in Wedding that can really compare to Godshot and company in terms of coffee quality, though.

  6. Simon Dance on


    Stunning photos. I’ve been to Goodshot a few times now (love the old airline trolley they use as a cabinet).

    Love to have you write a post for us sometime if you’re interest?

  7. jml on


    For the best third wave coffee in Neukölln, Leuchtstoff at Körnerkiez is a must.

  8. Ralf on


    What is the brand of the coffee machine in the picture above? Can’t read it clearly.

    1. Mary on

      Which one?

    2. Ralf on

      The top one with the guy in the shirt with stripes

    3. Ralf on

      cool! Many thanks!

  9. alex on


    Thanks for this list! I agree with you that Godshot is one of the best. I also like their “Wohnzimmer”-like atmosphere. Haven’t been there for a while, though. Do they still have the Danish-style 1970s teak furniture?
    Another one that’s very comfy and welcoming is in Pappelallee/Prenzlauer Berg: “The Black or White”, which I haven’t found on any of the relevant blogs or lists, but it’s worth a visit. They may not be the hippest with the most expensive machine but they make good coffee. I like their espresso better than the “fruity” (I’d rather call it “sour”) kind that has been so much en vogue recently. They also have a small but good selction of cakes and last but not least an exhibit of 3d-photography that alone is worth a visit.

  10. Hie-suk on


    Somebody asked a while ago for good coffee places in Wedding and a really good one opened in my street Stettiner Strasse close to Badstrasse in Gesundbrunnen. He get’s the beans from the Röststätte

  11. Eva on


    Am ende der Welt, Scharnhorststraße 5 is a good place.

  12. Andy on


    You missed out Aunt Benny’s on Traveplatz, F’hain. Best long black I’ve had by a long way.

  13. Melissa on


    Thanks for the suggestions! We need a great ‘real’ coffee to start the day exploring this amazing city. Are there any new locations you would now recommend since you wrote this article? Vielen Dank!

  14. Klinker on


    Café Wunderlich Kopenhagenerstr. actually has really good 3rd wave coffe and a nice old “Handhebelmaschine”. Best coffee I have tasted so far.

  15. Carla on


    Try Espresso Bar at Keithstrasse, I personally think that the coffee is one of the best in Berlin.

  16. Mark on


    Hey Guys,

    thanks for the reviews…I’d just like to add a couple of places that you should check out. Passenger Espresso in Kreuzberg and Giro Cafe, knesebeckstraße Charlottenburg. These are the standouts in Berlin!

  17. Jess chev on


    I use this coffee reference as my bible. Just had my cousin and her bf over and took them to nearly every place on this list. Bonanza coffee heros has awesome coffee and great vibe especially for the markets on sunday, and companion coffee inside voo with those cute baristas never seems to fail a great piccolo. danke :)

  18. Tom on


    Found a new place in Friedrichshain that should defintiely be on this list called Silo Coffee, near by Boxi.

  19. Hannah B on


    This is a great guide! Can anyone recommend places to find specialty coffee in Frankfurt?

  20. Lydia on


    Silo on Gabriel-Max Str needs to be on this list- coffee amongst the best but also an honourable mention for the sandwiches and charming staff

  21. joe on


    what about cafe espera on sonnenalle / panierstr in neukölln close to hermannplatz? i think its a very good place to get its name mentioned in the list above.. dunno if they do the 3rd wave thing (which i still dont know much about), but their coffee, espresso and homemade pastries are outstanding..also the vibe, and athmosphere

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