Monbijoubrücke: Etienne Descloux

etienne descloux

Since the not so lovely summer says good bye by gifting us a lovely, but cold autumn, I thought it would be appropriate to once more remember the luscious summer greens, before everything is going to turn brown and yellow (and finally: grey). This is Etienne Descloux, dapper architect and smart commenter on everything architectural on our Facebook page, emerging from the midst of a green wall just next to the Spree.


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  1. la femme on


    Love the red tights and gold shadow.

  2. Romy on


    I love the small dolphin. It comes out of the coat.

  3. sarah on


    uuuh, ich hätte auch gerne so einen kleinen delfin von frau feist…

  4. mriahr on


    Given to her by Leslie Feist??
    JEALOUS! :)

  5. Taís on


    I´m jealous too

  6. alexandra on


    the mix of colors is genius … the details perfect … she’s beautiful …

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