At the studio: Malaika Raiss

Malaika Raiss

This is Malaika Raiss in her studio in Friedrichshain, who will be showing her second collection this Saturday at Berlin Fashion Week. She worked in the design team of Lala Berlin before starting her own label. Her designs are completely wearable, simple, but always embellished with a certain twist. Malaika and her team make a point of producing affordable clothing – means the label fills in the too often neglected mid-price segment with dresses around 250,- Euro in sale. You can find the label in Berlin at Wald and they’re currently looking for an online shop to work with.


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  1. Alexa on


    Zwei ganz zauberhafte Hunde!

  2. The Diplomatic Wife on


    I’ve been meaning to buy a bed for our dog. I am so glad I found this post because I totally agree about the aesthetical horror of doggie accessories, etc. Now if I could only let go of my €229 for the DOGBED SLEEPY DELUXE! I must find a way to hypnotize my husband first LOL!

  3. Kate (@shoegirlinDE) on


    I just discovered Cloud 7 the other day and fell completely in love! Our Bailey is sorely in need of a new bed and our move to Berlin in December seemed like the perfect opportunity to get her something that better integrates with our decor. A bit pricey, I’m hoping we can work one of these into our moving budget…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It certainly is not cheap, but I can tell you, it’s worth it, especially if you compare the look to other dog beds…

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