At Home: Marlene Sørensen and James Castle

Marlene Soerensen and James Castle

Marlene and James are a fashionable couple living at the northern border of Mitte, her being a fashion journalist writing for Sueddeutsche and ZEIT, him being a talented designer creating classic clothing for men and women. Furthermore they have a beautiful blog called spruced, with pretty photography and elaborate texts on grown-up fashion topics.


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  1. t h e l i n e s h e e t on


    I love how that there is always a fashion week going on somewhere in the world. It’s comforting! I’ll be sure to check out the FB page. Hope to see more photos of the week from you!

  2. on


    nice suit nice pond too :D
    COme follow my blog :)

  3. Duck on


    Have fun at fashion week! Now Paris is over I’m on fashion panic break until September rolls around… xx

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