At home: Wibke Deertz

Wibke Deertz

This is Wibke Deertz in her living room on Torstraße, Mitte. She’s the owner of A.D.Deertz, a clothing brand founded in 2000. Two years ago she decided to drop out of the usual seasonal cycle of fashion and is now producing new items, stimulated by her and her clients’ current needs and desires as well as discoveries of fabric, rather than by terms dictated by the fashion industry. Her passion is to travel, so she organized her life around this and just recently returned from a trip to Hanoi and Bangkok, where she works together with locals to produce her clothing. The style of her collection has always been quintessential Berlin to me: laid back, unpretentious pieces inspired by classic workwear. Wibke assumes this is linked to her being often far away from Berlin and thus longing for something close, something known, something Berlin.
She sells her clothing exclusively in her own store on Torstraße and online.


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  1. Fr.Jona&son on


    super pretty, das kann ich auch unterschreiben. und sie macht ein tolles magazin!

  2. Cecylia on


    Wow that’s a great shot!

  3. Ciz on


    Hey, i’m brazilian. Love love love stilinberlin!
    she’s MEGA pretty.

  4. Lorena on


    She’s so cute, I really like the oversize striped/polka dot tee.

  5. Esther on


    i agree, she’s so pretty <3 & her home looks like a little forest with her animals

  6. WeblogLiteratur on


    A little bit to “girly” as I think. But do I see Bernd the Bread behind the pillow?

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