At the studio: Henrik Vibskov


So I visited Henrik Vibskov, also known as the King of Copenhagen. He and his exuberant installations demonstrate how a mixture of art and fashion can work, and need no further introduction. In his studio he and his team do everything – designing and creating the clothes, the setups for his shows, and the pieces for his art exhibitions. Only his gigantic archive of garments and objects are stored elsewhere. For his winter 2012 show, they produced a movable drum-runway in a huge storehouse in the former Carlsberg brewery area, where the movements of the models moved the all-white drumsticks.
What you see in his background is actually the workshop part of the studio, and is supposed to be cleaned up and reorganized very soon, now that the shows have ended. On the right you see an installation his interns created for Christmas two years ago; clever observers might be instantly able to tell what it’s supposed to resemble.
And here are my favs from his winter collection.


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  1. Deborah on


    I like all of the things that he’s wearing but I’m not sure if I like them together- I’m not really a fan of hobo chic. I love his jacket a lot though and I’m really jealous of his Balenciaga bag and sweatshirt (my fav designer).


  2. Antwerp Fashion Observer on


    oh, love the boots and the coat ! the inside of the coat look niiice

  3. Multiple Monitors on


    That dude is pimping that outfit. He’s got the look! Nice Photograph!

  4. Siska on


    der sieht so gut aus <3

  5. Solo on


    He’s got the look….
    I must admit,that coat was feat to him.
    He looks great!=)

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