On the Runway: Beckmans College of Design


I attended the show under the title “Material” of Beckmans College of Design yesterday and was amazed by the talent of their students. So I wanted to introduce you my three favorites of the twelve presenting designers, whose names I’ll definitely follow in the future. Up here you see the collection of Rikard Wahl, which reminded me of Dries van Noten (which might be, why I liked it) and although I might have made different decisions in terms of hair and make-up – and clearly would have ditched the overly-ladylike hats, this was the best clothing I saw until now at Stockholm Fashion Week. The gradient of the light colors on what looks like my grandma’s lace curtains combined with the simple yet sophisticated cuts met my fondness for a nifty charisma.
I hope many of the young students keep their love for gaudy colors as well as intense embellishments.

Fiffi Wilton‘s heavily embroidered clothes were such a relief for my eyes, who had just seen too many simple-scandinavian-black outfits the day before: how nice to finally see an exuberance of bold colors forming huge flowers.

even more embroidery and shiny colors in Alina Brane’s collection (do you see a pattern, literally?). Of course I am totally into the elephant necklaces.


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  1. Cecylia on


    I love the raw edges!!

  2. Anonymous on


    amazing shoes!

  3. Tony SHT on


    I love this collection too! This bright blue, this muted beige and the interesting shapes-just wonderful!

  4. Julia on


    the white dress is so beautiful.
    fragile and rough at the same time!

  5. Engelchen on


    She is gorgeous!

  6. Geneviève on


    Ja, sehr interessant ! 
    Sehr unterschiedlich von pariser Atmosphäre (no grunge any more, at all this season in Paris !)

  7. kathrin on


    schön! Aber Säume näht der Vladimir immer noch nicht gerne um. xoK

  8. Anonymous on


    Love it!

  9. Anonymous on


    Adorable Video!

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