Food in Berlin: Smart Deli

Smart Deli

The Smart Deli opened its doors in February 2002 in Friedrichshain and moved to Mitte last year to a much bigger store. Obviously most Japanese people live either in Charlottenburg or even Wannsee, and Smart Deli wanted to offer them a better location to shop Japanese groceries.
Smart Deli offers a range of every day dishes and of course Sushi is on the menu, but also soup (the udon soup pictured above is just delicious), bento boxes and a variety of main dishes on a weekly changing menu. Japanese food is much about the love for a product, so preparations are usually simple and focus on the high quality of the ingredients. Thus Smart Deli had their water system renovated to get a softer water, use only organic vegetables and have a lot of vegan options. Also they strive for serving meals, that can be eaten up completely to avoid any kind of unnecessary waste. Smart Deli’s team is caring a lot about creating a space with good energy, reviving the people who visit and increasing the cosiness of a rather dull part of Chausseestraße.

Smart Deli
Chausseestraße 5
10115 Berlin Mitte

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Subway: Oranienburger Tor
+49 30 20687037
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Opening Hours:
Mon–Sat: 10h–22h


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  1. Fenke on


    i’ve been there yesterday – yes it is good. higly recommendable!

  2. Aline on


    leckeeerr :)

  3. Sasha on


    i love Yam Yam. i just had lunch there on Monday and i wish that i lived right around the corner.

  4. Lily Tyson on


    Spicy types of meals are definitely one of my comfort foods when I’m in dire stress. Korean Kimchi soup at Yam Yam has to be on my list of food to taste before the world ends. Kidding aside, I’ve heard of Yam Yam’s delicious meals but this is the first time I’ve heard about the Kimchi soup.

  5. Anonymous on


    Sorry but Yamyam is Def The Most Unkorean Restaurant in berlin..i recommend ixthys near nollendorfplatz!

    1. Mary on

      Ixthys has been on my list to try for a long time, sadly it’s not as conveniently located as YamYam (which might be not super-authentical, but still great) and has all those weird bible-quotes on its walls

      Also nice is Sori, Senefelderstraße 34, 10437 Berlin

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