Food in Berlin: The Thai Park

What I love about Berlin are its absurd phenomena which can be discovered off the beaten tracks, existing mostly only out of the generosity (or ignorance) of the municipal administration in (more or less) public spaces throughout the whole city. One of those is the Thai Market in Wilmersdorf. The park itself is rather random and definitely lacks the beauty of Tiergarten or Treptower Park, but it’s nevertheless a central point of the Thai community in Berlin. Years ago, they started gathering here on weekends, bringing food and drinks, gambling, talking, and enjoying the sun. And what started out as a private gathering transformed into an open market happening on weekends, where you get some of the best home-made Thai food there is in Berlin.

On Saturdays and Sundays, old and young Thai women travel to the park, bringing frying pans, soup pots, bowls, and bottles, which they set up at small food stalls on the grounds. Protected from the sun by colorful umbrellas, they offer traditional Thai dishes from pad thai, fried fish and pork belly to sweet coconut tartlets and Thai iced tea. All you have to do is to bring a blanket, napkins and some money and you can start choosing your lunch. Many dishes are made fresh to your order and liking. Just take a look at what’s on offer and ask for a portion. Most main dishes cost around 5 euros.

Of course, this is nothing for the persnickety, and some of the fish might not be very recommendable on a hot summer’s day, but the atmosphere (and the very spicy papaya salad) is something you should not miss when you’re in Berlin.

Thai Park
Fehrbelliner Platz
10707 Berlin Wilmersdorf

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Subway: Fehrbelliner Platz

Opening Hours:
Fri-Sun 11:00-20:00
depending on weather


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  1. Mark Wilson on


    Will be checking this out. Reason #152 why I love Berlin!

  2. kathi on


    Hm lecker – werd ich mir bei meinem nächsten Berlin-Besuch gönnen :)

  3. Im Mary on


    wow pretty awesome :-) it looks really delicious! i love asian rice!

    1. Catherine on

      Mahaha! Mandyyy!

      I was reading this and thought OMFG I need to go there asap and THERE I see you. Have you been yet? Wanna make it a ‘group’ trip!? What about next week end, with the Marlon and the Arseni and some of the usual suspects as well ?! :)

  4. Sasha on


    The Thai Market is certainly one of my favourite spots in Berlin! It also helps that it has some of the best Thai food that I have ever had (such as the duck salad, yummm).

  5. Trechelle Lyn Ras on


    Do you think they’re open today? It’s raining a bit. I soo wanted to go there :(

    1. Mary on

      hard to say, i never tried in not-so-great weather… let me know if you found out!

  6. Anonymous on


    O.M.G. so not-to-miss. thnx!

  7. Anonymous on


    I’ve been there a lot of times. It’s great but I think when the weather is nice they could be there every day. I was also there during the week. Just go there when the sun shines and you’ll be a little bit in heaven. Ciska

  8. Tinka on


    i prefer weekdays, less touristy, more locals or something like that. people who work in the area, my fav is Fridays.

  9. Victoria on


    I love posted here. Tapioca’s & coconut juice. My favorite desert, I always asked for on my birthday, as a kid.

  10. Sven on


    Great tip! Delicious food! Thank you.

  11. Sonja on


    Looks amazing! Do you happen to know when the vendors leave, i.e. if you can still get food there in the evening?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I have no idea, I always left around 5 or 6pm the latest – anyone else able to help out?

  12. Sarah on


    I am there a lot! They are there during the week as well, and they stay pretty much until the sun is quite gone. I was able to find a summer papaya salad at 9pm! Greeeeeat, delicious food, everything Ive tried has been superb! Truly some of the best Thai food in Berlin.

  13. Julie on


    Do you know if it is only in the summer time? I want to go now but not sure when it is.
    Love your website! my perfect guide in Berlin!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hey, I am not sure since I never tried in Winter – it might be on this weekend, maybe tmrw since temperatures are okay-ish and sun is shining – let me know if you find out?

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