Food in Berlin: Katie’s Blue Cat

Katie's Blue Cat

Katie’s Blue Cat could just as easily have landed itself in our Coffee Guide to Berlin, but we wanted to devote a separate post to it so we could bring attention to the other its specialty: baked goods.

Opened in May of last year on Friedelstraße, owners Olivia and Ngoc wanted to open a cafe specialized in what they call “Anglophone Baking,” which includes shortbread, crumpets, pies, butter tarts, and the somewhat obscure (unless you’re Australian) anzac. The menu is always changing depending on Olivia’s baking cravings for the day, but you can always get bagels (as close to New York style that you can probably find here), as well as crumpets accompanied by chutney. And if you’re lucky, she may have even made Nanaimo Bars, the British Columbian delicacy. All the recipes are well-researched, and most of them sugar-reduced, in order to accentuate out the individual flavours. When possible, the cafe uses biological and local ingredients as well.

As for coffee, Katie’s Blue Cat also uses the best machines available, and works together with Bonanza Coffee Roasters on their own roast.

Katie’s Blue Cat
Friedelstraße 31
12047 Berlin Neukölln

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Subway: Schönleinstraße
+49 178 8069701
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Opening Hours:
Tues–Fri 8.30–18.30h,
Sat–Sun 10–19h


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  1. india on


    well your pictures had ME salivating! Going to Veganz tomorrow. So excited! Great review!

  2. Luiza on


    I was going to go to Veganz based on this review, but when googling it I found out that they’re connected to the NPD, among a bunch of other horrible stuff :(
    More here:

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I followed this discussion back in the beginning of 2012 – if you read the comments and followed what was coming after that article you’ll realise most of the accusations that were made anonymous on Indymedia have no proof and were made out of a personal anger and frustration with whatever reason.
      I’ve never seen anything proofed and consider most of the arguments made proper bullshit.
      Veganz is definitely a profit-oriented enterprise, and doesn’t have a political agenda that surpasses animal rights. But I don’t mind that. And I personally like that it’s a shop oriented towards those who are interested in a more concerned way of eating instead of catering strictly and only to vegans who are clearly politically left.

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