Food in Berlin: Winterfeldt Market

Winterfeldt Platz

Do you have any idea what chickweed is and that you can actually eat it? I didn’t, but I’ve seen it on offer at Winterfeldt market and it at least looked delicious, which tells you a lot about this market. It is one of the best markets you can find in Berlin and is definitely worth the travel to Schöneberg, in case you don’t live around the corner. To find a market with an appealing selection of regional and seasonal produce is still not an easy task in Berlin, but this one’s a safe bet. The market happens on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with the latter offering more sellers than the former. Most of the vendors sell organic and/or regional products, many home-made products like jams and mustards and a big variety of food sellers with the tiramisu sold by the coffee booth in the center of the market being the most popular.

PS, If you’re in the area and in the mood for Korean food, try Ixthys!

Farmer’s Market at Winterfeldt Platz

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