Shop in Berlin: Flea Market at Fehrbelliner Platz

This flea market is located very conveniently just next to lovely Thai market and just next to a subway station. Since Charlottenburg is a very traditional and maybe not wealthy, but rather well off district, you can find some items of high quality and interesting design. The fashion though is not worth coming for, although the Burberry trench in the picture might suggest otherwise, most of it is inelegant or bland. I find this market especially good for household items, Kilims and books as well as various collectors items of auspicious provenance like old washing powder boxes, or weird sculptures of smoking old men. Sounds not very promising? If you don’t find something, you can still go to Thai market to eat the disappointment away…

Flea Market at Fehrbelliner Platz
Fehrbelliner Platz
10707 Berlin Charlottenburg

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Subway: Fehrbelliner Platz

Opening Hours:
Sat–Sun 10:00–16:00


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