Swim in Berlin: Prinzenbad

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Presented here in low-quality Hipstamatic pictures, is one of the public pools in Kreuzberg, known through many movies, stories and urban myths and an ever popular place to spend summer days for most of Berliners living in the area. With its three pools, one of them without chlorine and not heated, and a gigantic sunbathing area it is able to cope with the rush of thousands of school kids, families, youngsters, students and everyone else. They all meet at Prinzenbad on hot summer days, which is actually and officially called “Sommerbad Kreuzberg”.
Despite living in Berlin for almost ten (!) years, it’s been my first visit here during last week’s heatwave. I quite enjoyed it, though I grew up swimming in lakes, not public pools, which inscribed a kind of natural skepticism of this kind of public assembly. The heat left our town again (and school holidays are almost over), so Prinzenbad is ready for those of you who just like to swim.

By the way, their Riffelpommes (fries) are great, so don’t miss out on this superb post-swim snack.

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Prinzenstraße 113-119
10969 Berlin Kreuzberg

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Subway: Prinzenstraße
+49 30 6161080
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Opening Hours:
Mon–Sun 07h–20h


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  1. Sasha on


    Gravlax with whiskey and mint, fresh ceviche, now this sounds like my kind of lunch! Perhaps if you visit again, you can convince Michael to share some recipes? These dishes sound too good to be kept a secret.

  2. Giulia Pines on


    Wow! I was just there a week or so ago to try the BBQ next door, but I think I always dismiss fish places as undoubtedly mediocre in this land-locked town. You’ve convinced me. I’m going back on Friday for the fish!

  3. Kristen Harrison on


    Ceviche, yum! This place looks amazing. I’m there asap.

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